Meeting and Event Management

The RMC Meeting Services Team consists of skilled Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) who are experienced with individual corporate and industry-wide guidelines in a rapidly changing healthcare communications environment. We organize a wide range of programs and events for our clients on a daily basis ensuring adherence to external, internal and geographical guidelines. The staff at RMC focuses on the objectives set for meetings and handles the logistics precisely, from beginning to end, including:

  • Attendee recruitment, registration, and retention
  • Database management
  • Onsite staffing
  • Site selection and contracting
  • Travel
  • Food, and beverage

Creative Services

The RMC Creative Services Team is staffed with talented, experienced professionals. We provide creative design and production services for each program using custom medical illustrations and graphics that enhance the delivery of the scientific content and messaging. Our program materials are fresh, interesting, and attractive.

Fulfillment Services

The RMC Fulfillment Services Team handles all aspects of shipping and receiving as well as global transportation logistics. The team maintains control of inventory for project supplies, ARS and computer equipment for all company events. We also print and assemble program materials for educational programs worldwide.

IT/Digital Services

The RMC IT/Digital Services Team all understand that technology is an extremely important part of medical communications. Our digital services experts keep current on new technology and work closely with our creative and scientific services teams to create the most innovative technology programming available.